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5 Responses to Store

  1. Niclas Dalby Kristiansen says:

    Hello EE

    Since I’ve bought every other release on CD I would like to know if Different Dimensions will get a CD release in the future? :)


  2. Dag T BrokjĂžb says:

    When can we expect more releases :) this music got to be the numero uno since discovering you far too late in 2011!! And i thought i was pretty well oriented in this kind of music

    Lots of friends ive introduced this music to loves it as well and pretty blown away that we havent stumbled across this eargasmic journey of music

  3. EE-Jeffrey says:

    Thanks for the support and thanks for the suggestion :)

    We’ll certainly have a look at the possibilities. Hopefully something for the near future indeed, but I can’t promise anything with certainty at this time.

  4. matt says:

    I want a nice big poster of some album art (any will do, though that one you have on your pic is great!). Any chance of this happening in the near future?

    Ordering Coin Spinner CD now. Thanks!